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I would like to introduce you to XNO Cosmetics.  As a makeup artist, I started this journey by hating the fact that a good quality palette was $50 for 10 shades.  I think makeup enhances ones natural beauty, and should be more affordable without sacrificing quality and pigmentation. I also hated that a good set of brushes were $100 and that a makeup sponge was $25 for 1!!!! This led me to where I am now.

On this journey, I have tested and reviewed several products.  We offer several eyeshadow palettes, and two concealer palettes. I also have signature sponges that are high quality, and latex free that do not break your bank account.  It is possible to get great products at an affordable price.  My efforts are to not strike it rich, but to empower women to enhance their natural beauty at an affordable price.  

Yours Truely, 

XNO Cosmetics